Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feltie Editor Takes Sick Days

Nigel Wappett III has requested and received several days off in order to recover from a virulent form of Spring Fever that has recently swept through the Feltie Forest. Dogs have given up barking, pigs have left off oinking, and the owl librarians have even stopped shelving books. The nymphs and dryads have been dancing about in complete abandon, singing odes to warmer weather and flower buds. Several fauns were caught having a water fight in the center park fountain.

Elvin law enforcement officials stated that it's the worse case of Spring Fever they've ever seen, but due to lethargy have declined to arrest anyone for public hijinks. Nigel is expected to get well soon, and following his complete recovery will immediately resume his editing duties.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pygmy Penguins Arrive in Feltie Forest

Sources in Feltie Forest have confirmed the sighting of a whole waddle of mini Penguins. The tiny cold-weather birds have made a nest for themselves at the base of a gunnysuckle tree. Less than 4 inches high, they can be heard warbling show tunes every Monday morning at 6 am. Although they seem a friendly lot, they declined to be interviewed for this blog as they are modest and do not want to attract too much attention.

Those Felties or humans interested in meeting the penguins should visit earth on April 4th at the Eugene Saturday Market, where the penguins will be visiting in order to adopt human families. Please watch your feet, so that you do not inadvertently trample the little fellows.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chester Elephant's Photo Shoot Nears Completion

Chester Elephant's publicist, Georgina Ladybug, announced today that her client will be completing his photo shoot Wednesday. The photos, carefully crafted by (human) David Barajas with set design by (also human) Max Hisamoto, are to be featured in a children's book expected in April.

In an officially released statement, Chester enthuses, "It was much less difficult to hold one position than I thought. Probably because I was being constantly entertained by David's terrible puns. A zanier photographer, I have never met, but he is nevertheless a skilled professional."

Feltie World News Exclusive: The first official still from Chester Elephant and the Peanut Patch.