Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mammoth Discovered Under Feltie Forest

Dinah, Punky and Nate Mammoth

A woolly mammoth was uncovered last Friday by Abigail and Morty Mole. Nate Mammoth had been asleep in a bog under the Feltie Forest for thousands of years.

"We had just gotten most of our tunnel network completed when the tunnels collapsed under the weight of an enormous beast," Morty explained. "Imagine our shock when we realized it was a mammoth!"

Luckily, aside from a stiff rump from lying in one position for so long, Nate was otherwise in good health. He was surprised to find out how much had changed since he was last awake. And at first he was worried that he was the last of his kind, until Abigail informed him that
two young mammoths had recently been discovered floating on an iceberg in the northernmost Feltie Sea. The two baby mammoths had been encased in ice for ages, until a glacier calved and their icy prison melted.

Upon being introduced to Nate, the wee mammoths cried,"Uncle!" Nate Mammoth was excited to find his niece, Dinah, and nephew, Punky, alive and well. The three now make their home in the Feltie Forest.
In an act of good will, Nate also redug tunnels for the moles with his tusks.

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