Friday, September 18, 2009

Preparations For Fall Fest Underway

When the first of October rolls around every year, Felties begin readying themselves and the Forest for a festive ritual to lay summer to rest and celebrate the beauty of autumn. The festivities begin with a sacred spiral swaying of the trees, followed by juggling monkeys, acrobatic rhinos, poetry readings, and several well known bands which perform original songs. A great feast follows, with every kind of food and drink imaginable.

According to Elmera Dryad, Feltie Forest's first grand fall festival took place 25 centuries ago when a group of faeries decided to perk up the trees, who had been losing their leafy children for weeks and were weeping copious amounts of sap everywhere. To get the tree's minds off their losses, the faeries began an impromptu dance with refreshment and much ale. The trees were so moved and entertained with the festivities, they proposed hosting a celebration each year at the same time. Every Feltie is invited, and visitors are always welcome.

See you at the celebration!

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