Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carlotta Elephant In Recovery

Carlotta Elephant has successfully undergone reconstructive surgery after a violent attack by a predatory canine. Carlotta suffered a complete dismemberment shortly after arriving at her new human home, and is now expected to make a full recovery.

It took one Feltie Surgeon over two hours to stuff Carlotta's fluff back into place. She is now in treatment for Post-Traumatic Wool Disorder, but while she may have some way to go before she can put her ordeal behind her, Carlotta faces her future with a positive outlook. Or, as she puts it, "At least all of my limbs are once again at home on my torso."

Carlotta is experiencing some trepidation at re-entering the home where the attack took place, although certain precautions are being taken for her safety.

This editor would like to wish Carlotta all the luck in the world as she attempts to regain her peace of mind, and encourages all Felties and their human friends to report violent attacks on Felties to, where you can schedule an emergency appointment in the Feltie Trauma Ward at Feltie Infirmary.

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