Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Owl Couple Renews Vows In Frenetic Soiree

The Feltie Forest was alive with much noise and merriment as Eglantine and Gervey Owl celebrated fifty years of marriage. It was the most elaborate vow renewal ceremony Feltoria has ever seen, including dancing bears, juggling monkey acrobats, karaoke, and giraffe slides for the young ones. The food was catered by the Wayfaring Stork Fine Dining Establishment, and drinks were provided by Albert's Ale House.

After years of searching for someone to build a nest with, Eglantine met Gervey while attending a singles' potluck, and it was love at first whoo. In honor of their love for one another, the couple have dedicated their lives to simplifying other birds' search for partnership. Just five years after meeting, Eglantine and Gervey co-founded the Inter-Migratory Mating Service, which is in operation to this day. The lovebirds have helped find mates for five thousand lonely fowl.

When asked what their secret to a long, successful relationship is, Eglantine and Gervey prescribe a healthy dose of kindness and respect for each others' opinions. "We try to work through our problems honestly and quickly," says Eglantine. "We never go to bed with our feathers ruffled." And of course, adds Gervey, "Cuddle often."

The couple's children, Harz, Tid, and Mildy, capped the festivities by presenting their parents with tickets for an exotic cruise to the islands of Woolania. Bon voyage, Eglantine and Gervey!

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